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How We Work

Event Management Systems provides a professional venue finding service for clients.

We will always exercise the skill and care to be expected of a prudent and professional venue finder in providing independent advice.

Event Management Systems is paid a commission by the venue for introducing your business to them.

The volume of business that Event Management Systems places with venues throughout the UK ensures that the lowest rates possible are negotiated on your behalf. Your prices are not increased to allow for this commission

Once we have understood your requirement a detailed venue search is carried out.

On completion of the venue search an offer letter/email along with offers/spread sheets/hotel brochures/web addresses will be forwarded immediately. The offer will clearly outline your conference/meeting requirements.

You will be quoted prices, taking into account the requirements and budget.

We will set up viewing appointments for the client at relevant venues with professionals at the venue. It is vital that a venue site inspection takes place prior to signature of the contract.

When a positive decision has been made Event Management Systems will release all venues that are not to be used on this occasion within a reasonable time span.

At confirmation stage the client becomes liable for hotel cancellation charges should this occur. If at any time the event is postponed then Event Management Systems would expect the opportunity of working on the new dates as soon as they become available. Should the venue prove to be so ideal that it is booked again for the following year Event Management Systems would expect to be given the opportunity of booking the venue.

Once you have chosen one of the recommended options:

  • Confirmation of the booking must be made through Event Management Systems
  • Once a booking is confirmed, you deal directly with the main contact at the venue

If the event is cancelled, postponed or you manage to find your own venue, we ask that you let us know as soon as you can. We would not charge you for the work we have already done, but would ask to you consider us when looking for your next venue.

We want to be able to offer you the most professional service we can. To do this, we need your help!

All we ask is that:-

  • If you have already contacted any venues or are already holding any venues provisionally, you let us know, so we don't contact them

  • You give us as much information as possible about location, numbers, timings, budgets, style of venue you are looking for and the reason for the event.

  • You do not place the enquiry with any other agency (this leads to huge confusion and puts venues in a very difficult situation if they receive the same enquiry from more than one source)

  • In the event that you decide to book one of our recommended venues direct or via another agency, Event Management Systems will invoice you for the full amount of anticipated commission. This would apply even if the event date changes. This is the only time we would ever charge a client and this is to cover work that we have already done.



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